FOWODE is a women’s rights organization whose vision is a Ugandan society where women and men equally participate in and benefit from decision-making processes in the public and private spaces. Since inception, FOWODE has been at the forefront of building and nurturing women’s leadership to enable them claim their rights to participate in decision making and to build their agency and voice for advocacy for gender responsive legislation and budgets.

FOWODE has been an influential voice in nurturing transformative leadership for women’s rights. We have built women’s political leadership and contributed to movement building through strengthening the collective power of the grassroots. We championed affirmative action during the Constitution making process which opened up opportunities for women’s advancement and their representation in public spaces. We have advocated for laws that work for women and protect their rights and pride in the advocacy for pioneering legislation that ensures that the national budget gives due consideration to women’s needs.
FOWODE looks to a future of equality and for the next 25 years, we shall continue building (young) leaders with feminist values and leveraging women’s leadership to advance gender equality. We believe that once women have voice, power and resources they will be able to demand for their rights, influence policy and foster accountable institutions and ultimately there will be a transformation in the lives of all women.
As we look to the future, the organization would like to rebrand its logo. The objective of the logo re-branding is not only to appeal to our various stakeholders but also to capture our aspiration of a society where women and men equally participate in and benefit from decision-making processes
The envisaged logo must be clearly distinguishable and recognizable to FOWODE’s stakeholders and the general public, and also reflect the organization’s mandate.
FOWODE hereby invites interested students, individuals, groups, and institutions to participate in a competition to design an innovative Corporate Logo that encapsulates its mandate, strategic focus, direction and centrality of our vision.
Download the document from the link below to get full guidelines;



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