Celebrating Young Women In Leadership.

FOWODE would like to recognise two young women in leadership this week.

Ruth Kitamirike - Makerere University Guild Representative Council (GRC).

Big congratulations to our 2020 camp alumna, Ms. Ruth Kitamirike who  was recently voted to the Makerere University Guild Representative Council (GRC) to represent the School of Law!

Ruth Kitamirike, was part of our transformative leadership training in 2020. FOWODE rejoices in every young woman who dares to take up the leadership mantle. In this case, we are proud and honored to have contributed to Kitamirike’s leadership journey and look forward to a term of transformative leadership.




  Shamim Nambassa – Mak Guild President Elect.

A big congratulations to Shamim Nambassa the Guild President Elect of Makerere University.

Forum for Women in Democracy congratulates you. Your win is a win for all women.