FOWODE has a functional governance structure comprised of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors through which strategic, policy and implementation decisions are made. The General Assembly, which is the apex decision-making body, is comprised of individual members who participate in making strategic decisions. Membership is open to women and men who share the values and goals of gender equality and equity, transparency and accountability, participation, tolerance, democracy and respect for human rights and peace. The Assembly delegates some of its powers to the 5-member Board to ensure smooth and timely implementation of the agreed decisions. The Board of Directors is elected every 3 years and provides strategic direction to the organization in line with the organizational vision, mission and goals.


Joyce Tamale
Joyce TamaleChairperson

Joyce is a forward looking professional, a strategic financial analyst and a dynamic leader with a high level of integrity, a focus on organizational growth, excellent implementation, networking and partnership building. She has skills in corporate governance with over 12 years of serving various Boards of Directors. Joyce has 20 years’ working experience at senior level management in the Private and Social sector. She is a fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (UK) and a member of the Chartered Public Accountants (CPA). Joyce’s core competencies are in Governance and Risk Management, Strategic and Business planning, Financial Management and Auditing, Executive Leadership with focus on Human Capital, Social Entrepreneurship, Resource Mobilization, Project Planning and implementation among others.

Sylvia Ssinabulya
Sylvia SsinabulyaVice-Chairperson

Sylvia was a Member of Parliament in Uganda for a period of 15 years stretching from May 2001 to May 2016. During her tenure, she served on the committee of social services that provided Legislative, Budgetary and Policy oversight to the Sectors of Health, Education and Gender. She was the first Chairperson for the committee on Education when it was curved out of the sessional committee on Social Services. Sylvia holds professional qualifications in the area of Education, Management and Public Health with 22 years experience spanning Government and Civil Society Organizations. She has done extensive work and advocacy on Maternal, Reproductive Health and Girls Education at sub- national, national and international levels. She is also a trainer in the areas of Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy, Advocacy and Legislation, Governance, Leadership and Gender Budgeting.

Catherine Kabagambe
Catherine KabagambeTreasurer

Catherine is a Certified Public Accountant registered with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU). She possesses very strong accounting, financial management and cooperate governance skills acquired over a period of 20 years. Her skills in international accounting have been enhanced through her work with various projects as the sole accountant as a result, her confidence and experience are nothing but enviable. She currently heads one of the biggest accounting units in Makerere University, the College of Business and Management Sciences (COBAMS) and superintends the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS)). Catherine describes herself as a highly organized and meticulous accountant, seeking to leverage proven skills in accounting. She is also a human rights activist.

Ruth Ojiambo Ochieng
Ruth Ojiambo OchiengMember

Ruth is an Independent consultant, a researcher on issues of women, peace and security, a coach and facilitator in research and documentation. She is the co-founder of the East Africa Women Regional Network for Peace Building. She is a passionately committed, self-driven and motivated human rights defender and a peace activist, whose strength lies in documentation and research, conflict resolution, building alliances, building networks, and spearheading collaborative agendas between the marginalized, the elite and the policymakers, so as to challenge injustices, prejudices, taboos, and stigma related to women survivors of violence, particularly, in situation of armed conflicts. Ruth was previously CEO of Isis- Women’s International Cross-Cultural Exchange (Isis- WICCE) currently known as Women’s International Peace Centre. During her time as CEO, she facilitated the development of different tools that enabled the establishment of effective programmes to amplify women’s voices, in an effort to influence post conflict decision making and programming. Ruth conceptualised and coordinated several studies on women’s realities in situations of armed conflicts and has been actively involved in issues of conflict resolution and peace building.

Helena Aguti Okiring
Helena Aguti OkiringMember

Helena is the founder and Creative Director at Blade Art and Media Company Limited, dedicated to promoting the use of arts, culture and new media for Leadership Development, Gender and Economic Justice, Policy Advocacy, Development Skills training and Social Transformation. Helena is an exceptional award-winning feminist who has made a great contribution to exemplifying youth leadership and excellence in promoting democracy and good governance. In 2016, she was voted as one of the top 40 most influential Young Women in Uganda, (Forty under 40) alongside many prominent change makers in the Pearl of Africa. A year later she was selected to take part in the International Visitors Leadership Programme (IVLP) by the United States Department of State; a merit opportunity presented to leaders who are making a contribution to the advancement of Democracy and Good Governance through demonstrating leadership in their countries. In 2014, she was nominated for the World Savers Award; an award given to persons who have shown an unwavering commitment to transforming their society through exemplary leadership.

Patricia Munabi
Patricia MunabiMember /Executive Director

Patricia is the Executive Director of Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE), a women’s rights organization in Uganda. She is a lawyer by profession and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Laws LLB (Hons), from Makerere University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Patricia is a feminist and a women’s rights activist who’s wide ranging background in women’s rights emancipation has seen her at the forefront of pushing for some of the most influential policies that have plummeted the women’s movement to the top especially in Gender Responsive Budgeting.