Strategic Initiatives

Speak FM

To amplify women’s voice on leadership, democracy and governance, SPEAK FM hit the airwaves of Gulu in 2012. FOWODE prides herself in establishing the second women’s radio station in the country and the first in the Northern Region.


In 2022 we celebrated with excitement 10 years of amplification of women’s voices, demand for gender responsive accountability and quality service delivery. SPEAK FM continues to stand out in the region as a platform for the promotion of social justice and women’s rights. One of the highlights of the year was the digitalization of SPEAK FM to facilitate global access via


SPEAK FM is on a growth trajectory, and we are excited about the future as we commercialise, enhance our brand and position ourselves as the leading social justice media platform in the region.

Pamoja SACCO

FOWODE birthed the FOWODE PAMOJA SACCO in 2019 and though in its nascent stages, the SACCO has now stabilised with a fully functional Executive Committee. Although the SACCO is an independent entity, we pride ourselves in having laid a foundation for it and we are glad that it is now ready for exponential growth.


Through the SACCO, one is able to build financial, experiential, intellectual and social capital. We call upon all women that are interested in their personal growth and prosperity to join the SACCO. In the near future, the SACCO will begin to pay dividends to its members.