Women and Leadership

27 Years of Building and Fostering Women’s Leadership 
Since 1995, FOWODE has been a key player in the women’s movement and is part of a history that opened the way for thousands of women to have a voice in the public arena. We have trained over 20,000 women to navigate the political landscape and to elevate the impact of their leadership contributing to an increase in legislation that reflects women’s and girls’ priorities.

To replenish women’s leadership and build young women’s agency, FOWODE has mentored over 800 young leaders in alternative and transformative leadership since 2004. Our work has birthed bold transformational young women leaders that have strategically positioned themselves to promote women and girls’ rights. We believe that it is critical to create a new generation of leaders with the ability to confidently advance gender equality, social justice and to shape agendas.

To nurture a supportive environment for women to thrive in leadership, FOWODE engages communities to address patriarchal cultural and traditional stereotypes that inhibit women from achieving their full potential.

The programme focuses on;

Programme Outcomes
Outcome 1: Women leaders championing gender equality andsocial justice in their spheres of influence.

Outcome 2: Women and girls effectively participating in decision making processes.

Outcome 3: Gender responsive laws, policies and programs developed & implemented at national and local level.