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Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) is an Equal Opportunities, gender sensitive and corruption intolerant employer. FOWODE does not charge or seek payment for any recruitment process.

FOWODE’s recruitment process is centralized within the Head Office Human Resource department under the supervision of the Executive Director. The Human Resource and Administration Officer initiates the recruitment process by submitting a signed Employee Request (ER) and the Job description to the Finance and Administration Director (FAD) and the Director of Programmes (DOP). Upon receipt, the DOP and the FAD review it and if it has been completed correctly, submit it to the Executive Director (ED) for approval.

Once approved, a vacancy announcement is drafted and an advert developed. Various modes of advertisement are used including newspapers, our website, our social media platforms and other network platforms. All candidates go
through the same recruitment process, regardless of the nature of the position, to ensure that all applications are judged on individual merit. Applications are submitted via our recruitment email:

Applicants are subject to pre-screening to ensure they are suitable and those who best meet the criteria are invited for interviews. Following interviews of selected applicants, the appointing authority i.e. the ED/ Board of Directors
(BoD) as applicable, hires the recommended candidates after satisfactory background reference checks.

Our interview process is very gender sensitive. The organization’s core values of integrity, transparency, excellence, diversity and equality are at the center of all that we do, and candidates who wish to join our team are expected to embrace and align their values with our own.

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