Institutional Development Engagement and Sustainability

A Strong Foundation for Building and Nurturing Women’s Empowerment

FOWODE grew from an idea, and has over the last 23 years grown into a respected thought leader on women’s leadership and gender equality. We have strategically positioned ourselves as an organization campaigning for women with voice, power and resources engaging effectively in governance.  We continue to be a key player in galvanizing collective power to drive national action on women’s empowerment and gender equality. Through our initiative and ingenuity, we have collectively worked towards gender transformative change. The organization’s programming has grown from a specific focus on women in political leadership to influencing economic policy, movement building, nurturing young transformational leaders and engaging on macroeconomic governance. The organization has built robust systems and structures that have enabled delivery on her mandate. The organization has 35 permanent staff and is planning to grow her numbers in view of her movement building work.

The programme will focus on:

  • Providing thought leadership on innovative solutions for women’s empowerment
  • Cultivating organizational capacity to catalyze gender transformative governance
  • Ensuring growth and sustainability of the organization

Programme Outcomes

Outcome 1: FOWODE, a respected thought leader on women’s empowerment

Outcome 2: Organizational capacity for gender transformative governance enhanced

Outcome 3: A growing, independent and sustainable organization