About Imara Women’s Centre

The Imara women’s Centre (IWC) is a Forum for Women in Democracy initiative to anchor our work on the advancement of women’s rights. The IWC is a space for women’s independent organizing and a practical base from which to advance the struggle for gender equality.

Imara’ is a Swahili word for Bold, Strong and Firm

What we are doing

We are taking a bold stand to sustain our work towards Gender Equality because we do acknowledge that although a lot has been achieved, there is still much more to do to achieve an equal future. FOWODE is determined to provide women organizers, in their diversity, with a place of their own The Centre will be a sanctuary of learning, sharing and common purpose for all women and girls, A Place We Shall Call Home.

What We are Doing

We are Rising For Equality

The Centre will

Be a safe and empowering space, for women’s safety, dignity, voice, and agency, with the goal of ending violence
against women.

Why it Matters

Ensuring a Transformative and Empowering Future For Girls and Women

The Centre Spaces

Work Spaces

FOWODE offices, Lettable office space, and Auditorium conference space.

Educational Spaces

Digital Literacy Hub, Museum, Art gallery, Library.

Residential Spaces

For research and retreat.

Wellness Spaces

Swimming pool, Gaming room, Massage parlor, Steam bath, Sauna, Gym, Dance studio, Restaurant.

Support Spaces

Infirmary, Lactation room & Nursery.