Gender and Economic Justice

FOWODE has been a consistent player in advocacy for Gender Equality and Equity in macroeconomic policy and pioneered Gender Budgeting in Uganda in 1998. Through our gender budget work, we have been advocating for equitable distribution of resources between women and men, girls and boys. We use an integrated approach of research, enhancing capacities of technocrats and legislators to understand the importance of mainstreaming gender in plans and budgets, lobbying relevant stakeholders and empowering citizens to understand their role in the planning and budgeting processes and to demand for equitable service delivery. Our advocacy has resulted into increased resource allocation for women, girls and youth issues, improved service delivery and enhanced accountability by duty bearers. Our greatest achievement has been the adoption of gender budgeting by government through the inclusion of a requirement for a Certificate of Gender and Equity in the Public Finance and Management Act (PFMA 2015).

The programme focuses on:

  • Engaging fiscal policy with emphasis on resourcing, allocation and representation
  • Sustaining grassroots organizing through our tested and proven Village Budget Club model for improved gender accountability
  • Strategic engagement with critical stakeholders for accountable and inclusive macroeconomic policy

Programme Outcomes

Outcome 1: Consistent and structured engagement by women in economic policy formulation and implementation at all levels.

Outcome 2: Gender and Equity responsive generation, allocation and utilization of public resources.