As part of our reflection and projection into the future, FOWODE would like to build an epic legacy initiative, a Leadership Centre. Here are more details about this Legacy Initiative.

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Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) is a national women’s rights organization established in 1994 with a vision of a just and fair society where women and men equally participate in and benefit from decision making processes. FOWODE’s mission is to promote gender equality in all areas of decision making. FOWODE advocates for inclusive and just governance that gives women voice, choice and power. Furthermore, it champions women’s political consciousness and nurtures alternative and transformative leadership to shape a future that promotes social justice and strengthens collective power.

FOWODE promotes authentic civic engagement, advocates against unequal power structures and lobbies for public resources to benefit women equitably with men. FOWODE engages public institutions to raise awareness and influence decision-making and priority setting to catalyze gender transformative change. Additionally, it provides thought leadership on the advancement of gender equality in governance, budgeting and development.


As part of our reflection and projection into the future, FOWODE would like to build an epic legacy initiative, a Leadership Centre. The USD 7,800,000 center will be both a visible embodiment of women’s independent organizing, and a vital practical base from which to advance the struggle for gender equality. It will be women activists’ own space, designed by them, run by them, tailored to their needs: a safe haven from coercion and pressure; a vibrant hub for imagining and planning together; and a launchpad for campaigns that will take on power, privilege and prejudice.

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FOWODE has embarked on the fundraising for the Leadership Center and will hold a ground breaking ceremony for the Centre in March 2021 at the site in Kasangati Town Council.

Through the Leadership Centre, we will;

  1. Amplify women speaking up without constraint to build independent and authentic voices for women's rights
  2. Build and strengthen women leaders to champion gender equality
  3. Facilitate networks and connections to bring about togetherness for equality and women's rights
  4. Be a feminist base for powerful campaigns for women's rights making it a launch pad for action.
  5. Be a safe and empowering space for women's safety, dignity, voice and agency with the goal of ending violence against women.

Our Legacy Project is one whose architecture tells the story of magnificence of the African woman, equality, democracy and Feminism.

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The architecture and design is inspired by the African Woman's headscarf and embodies three sustainable Strands

  1. Environmental sustainability that is inspired by the principles of the Green Architectural Movement
  2. Social sustainability that guarantees sustainable incomes for the work on just society. Social and cultural life amenities and systems for citizen engagement as well as spaces for people to engage
  3. Economic sustainability that allows initiatives to live beyond donor dependent as it will generate its own resources

Our Appeal as we launch this Centre

  • That citizens in all diversity join us in building this legacy space