How does the economic empowerment of women contribute to gender equality in Ugandan communities which are inherently patriarchal?

For Apio Gorreti, “In a community like mine which is deeply patriarchal, you wouldn’t expect to find a man helping his wife operate her business without trying to take it away from her. I am proud that my husband is defying the odds to help me out. This all started when I opened up my business after attending a FOWODE training on entrepreneurship.” Goretti is a member of Orungo United Women’s group, one of the groups in Amuria district that have benefitted from the Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Project (WELP) being implemented by FOWODE.

This project aims to economically empower women at the grassroots as a catalyst for their participation in leadership. Among the project activities were training sessions on Entrepreneurship and leadership through which women obtained skills on how to navigate the world of business. As a result, Goretti was inspired to start up her own business.

“Before the training, I was a housewife who depended on my husband to provide everything. Little did I know that this was weighing him down. After the training, the skills we were given gave me the confidence to start my own business. I added the money we were given for transport refund during the training to my savings of Ugx 30,000 to start a plastics business. To my surprise, the business grew, but what made me even happier is that our home became more peaceful. I attribute this to the fact that through proceeds from my business, I now help out with some of the bills in the house. And sometimes, when I am caught up with chores, my husband helps me run the business,” Narrates Goretti.