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Parenthood Global has for the last 2years been supporting FOWODE to implement her “Public Financing for Reproductive Health Project” whose goal is  increased government spending for Reproductive health including Family Planning by 5% at the National Level and in 2 districts of Mityana and Busia.

The team checks records with the Health Centre in charge

Recognisable results have been achieved since project inception in 2015 in regard to Family planning financing especially at the local level (Busia and Mityana) where SRH/FP was never prioritized and more so financed.  The districts have had and still have unique SRH issues (including early teenage pregnancy, commodity stock outs in H/Cs, low male involvement in FP issues etc) affecting women, youth and adolescents differently and that is one of the reasons FOWODE selected these districts to implement this project.

One of FOWODE’s key strategies in advocating for increased FP/SRH financing in the 2 districts’ budgets has been to work through Village Budget Clubs (VBCs).

VBCs are indigenous community members comprised of different gender groups like women, youth, persons with disabilities, elderly and grouped into 20 (12 women, 8men).

Community members in a drama scene during the visit

The VBCs are trained and empowered with information and skills to monitor government services including health facilities; track government expenditure and hold duty bearers accountable (challenge status quo) on budget accountability issues. This approach has worked in improving service delivery at the Health facility level and incredibly districts have set aside funds to finance FP/SRH particulary for awareness raising on the importance of FP. it is believed that through this demand for FP/SRH will increase.

PPG has shown special interest in understanding the VBC model and how it works in promoting gender accountability. FOWODE was selected as one of the PPG-partners to show case the results of FP advocacy for increased/improved FP financing through using the VBC model.


Community members end their drama skit in Mityana with strong messages

FOWODE therefore hosted PPG/Bloomberg  Philanthopies on 26th January 2016 in Mityana district to demonstrate her project results and have a hands on experience on how the VBCs work in promoting gender accountability.

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