Movement Building, Critical for Ensuring Accountability

Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) was among the over 30 representatives from Women’s rights’ organizations that participated in a 4 day training on movement building whose core rationale was to leverage collective power for the benefit of Ugandan women. Emphasis was drawn to the need to mobilize numbers and thereafter organize them to work with a common understanding. For these to succeed, strategy which is about turning the available resources into the needed power to cause the desired change is very key.

It was noted that for the growth and sustainability of any movement, it was paramount to have;

  • A vision that speaks to the heart and mind of the oppressed by painting a picture of a better tomorrow
  • Objectives which are pre-conditions to the vision
  • Theory of change i.e. the basis of the action clearly showing the anticipated change that will occur by undertaking the proposed actions.




During the training, participants listed women rights’ abuses that were prevalent in the country. The women murders topped the list hence a resolution to stage a vigil was reached. As in the picture, participants who agreed to wear black lit candles and took pictures as well as audio recordings calling upon duty bearers to stop the rampant murders of women under the hashtag #NotAnotherWoman. This was posted on social media for mass awareness on the women murders.

Building a Spectrum of Support

Analyzing the spectrum of support is a very powerful tool which is helpful in designing appropriate strategies based on who is being targeted. It was noted that it is important to build a critical mass of at least 3.5%of any given population hence the need to focus energies on winning over the allies and the neutrals rather than attacking the opposition right away. This can be done by; Creating mass awareness of the problem, opposing present conditions and policies and; supporting the alternatives.

Value Addition to FOWODE

The newly acquired skills and knowledge were very enriching and will make an invaluable contribution to our work as we continue to build a critical mass of citizens that are able to independently demand for more responsive governments (both national and local governments) that address the needs of both women and men, girls and boys and for the transformation of their communities and the country at large.


By Elizabeth Ampairwe
Forum for Women in Democracy
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