FOWODE Membership Guidelines

The  Membership Guidelines provide the framework for membership and facilitate the enlistment and guides participation towards achieving the organizational goals and objectives.

Members and Eligibility

Full Membership: As a full member, one has full rights to vote/elect board members and also free to stand in stand any vacant position. Payment for full membership will be Ug. Shs. 100,000 and an annual subscription of Ug.shs 100,000. One to qualify to be a full member of FOWODE she must have expertise in the work /activities FOWODE does.

Associate members: These are members who can contribute to the work of the organization and shall as much as possible be drawn from FOWODE district areas of operation. Associate members are entitled to vote but cannot be voted and must pay a membership fee of  Ug.shs 60,000  and an annual subscription of Ug.shs 30,000.

Payment of Membership subscription: You can pay your membership subscription by cheque, cash or via mobile money.

Selection of members: Must be selected by invitation and shall be open to vetting after which the application from must be filled and 1 passport photo affixed hereto. Members will be vetted by a subcommittee established by the board.

The role of members:

  • To pay all prescribed  fees
  • To uphold and abide by this constitution and any other bye-laws or regulation made hereunder.
  • To conduct themselves in a manner that is not prejudicial to the interests or contrary to the objectives for which the FOWODE was established.
  • To express  their opinions in a democratic, orderly and fair manner, having respect to the rights of other members;
  • To participate and contribute to the activities and attainment of the organization mission and objectives.

Termination of membership may generally occur under the following circumstances:

  • Failure to abide by the constitution, bye-laws  or regulations of the organisation;
  • Failure to pay subscription fees for a period of two  consecutive years;
  • Voluntary withdrawal or resignation by the member;
  • As a result of a decision/action by the disciplinary body.

If you would like to become a member of FOWODE, please download the form below. (You can cancel your membership with FOWODE at any time.)

You can print it and return to FOWODE offices or send it via email to