FOWODE’s Budget call center for FY2018/19

One of the major challenges that Uganda continues to face, especially at the local level, is the limited participation of citizens during the budget-making process. Without input from citizens, budgets are often gender insensitive and do not effectively respond to the needs of all. Feedback from citizens in the budget making process is critical in ensuring that the needs of different categories of Ugandans are met.

Since the Ugandan Constitution encourages all citizens to participate in decision-making and affairs of governance, Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) is dedicated to offering citizens a safe platform to freely express their views on what the priorities for the FY2018/19 budget should be, and therefore, participate in the budget-making process. A two-day call center (13th and 14th November 2017) is currently running at the FOWODE head office where over 100 citizens across the country have already called in shared their views. FOWODE encourages citizens to call toll-free on 0800-100-060, to participate in this essential process to increase citizens’ engagement with the budget-making process. FOWODE will in turn use this information to generate and publish a report on “Citizens’ Priorities for the 2018/19 Budget”. This report will be shared with key stakeholders and used for advocacy during budget consultations for the FY 2018/19. The lines are currently open and we encourage citizens to voice their concerns.

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