Sharon Nabafu’s Story.

‘’Mind boggling’’, that’s how Sharon describes the multiple ideas she experienced in her life daily. Sharon had just given birth to her baby. A lawyer by training, Sharon thought a lot about how she could help women achieve their full rights. A friend thought the leadership camp would be the perfect push to help Sharon figure out her ideas. The opportunity was exciting but Sharon was worried about how she would go about the baby. FOWODE surprised her, all arrangements were taken care of and Sharon, her baby and nanny were accepted. According to Sharon, this is a way of making sure that women are not forced to miss out on developmental opportunities because their child care responsibilities are real and should not have to be compromised or minimized.

Sharon thrived at the camp, she met many iconic women leaders and was able to interact with them and get rich knowledge and advice. One of the sessions that stood out for her was on personal branding and marketing. Sharon learnt how to seize every moment to communicate her strengths and share what she has to offer in the shortest time possible. During the training on passing job interviews, Sharon learnt how to posture herself, capture the attention of interviewers and share relevant facts about her experience to win them over.

“After the camp I was invited for an interview by Wilkens Property Services. It was as though I had transformed into another person.

I was confident, I talked about my character and experience and took care to match my points with the job description. I passed the interview with flying colors and I knew in my heart that if I had done   this interview before the camp I would have failed miserably. Today I am the in-house lawyer at Wilkens Property Services. I am no longer the Sharon that used to be overwhelmed with several ideas. I work on these ideas and take action immediately. My dream is to offer free legal services to the girls in my home town (Manafwa) and also form a local organization to promote equal opportunities especially for girls. I am so grateful to FOWODE for the knowledge they gave me. It is priceless”.